In addition to divorce, my family law practice includes helping parents determine Child Support and develop long term parenting solutions. Whether court ordered through litigation or agreed to in mediation you can rest assured your rights along with what is best for the children will be my main focus.

Our children are the most precious and valuable things on this earth & therefore most of us would do anything to keep them safe. Many times when couples divorce they end up fighting for months & spending thousands on legal fees.

As a San Antonio Attorney I know first hand how difficult even minor disagreements can be. For this reason I always a recommend an agreed parenting plan that puts the children’s needs first.

I want to be blunt, when it comes to custody the only thing that matters is that the children see both parents as much as humanly possible. They didn’t ask for the breakup, and each parent should accept that they have a responsibility to ensure the other parent spends every moment possible with their child/children.

Child Custody Issues Can Leave All Parties Involved Emotionally Damaged

Agreed Parenting Plan: Many couples understand that minimizing the impact on the kids is their main responsibility. For this reason through legal representation develop an agreed parenting plan that outlines custody, visitation, holiday schedule, summer vacation schedule, grandparents visitation & even where the children will attend school. An agreed parenting plan is always the best situation for all parties involved.

Court Ordered Parenting Plan: Through litigation the family law courts will determine the custodial and non custodial parent along with a visitation schedule. Situations like this usually have the harshest impact on the children. Their lives are usually turned upside down because the courts decided what is in the children’s best interest instead of responsible parents. You can’t blame the courts for stepping in to resolve lingering issues. I always advise my clients to mediate and negotiate an agreed parenting plan but when/if litigation is required you can rest assured that I’m ready to fight.

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