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I hear the same thing day after day that the mother will get custody and the father has no choice at all. Well that couldn’t be further from the truth because every single day we help father’s establish their equal parenting rights.

Below I will quickly go through a couple of scenarios that I often run into when dealing with child custody:

1. Returning from active duty & the custodial parent will not allow 50-50 custody because he/she believes the other parent doesn’t have the right.

Answer: The courts will quickly approve a modification returning active duty members returning home.  This is common & we can help you develop a detailed parenting plan.

2.  I never see my child, and my ex will not allow visitation.

Answer: You have rights, the right to see your son or daughter and should call our office immediately.  In some situations we are able to request an emergency hearing.

3. I agreed to reduced visitation during my break up & want more time.

Answer: This is common, and the courts are always willing to work with parents seeking more time with their children if the reasons are valid.

I could spend all day going through various equal rights scenarios, instead call (210) 865-0711 & speak to an experienced San Antonio Attorney about your specific situation & the goals you want to achieve.

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