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Property division is another factor that leads many couples to litigation. When you spend years working and building a life together few things can hurt more than having to divide your memories. We are lucky that in Texas division of assets can reasonably simple.

Everything is divided 50-50, well that is everything that you saved, purchased or accumulated during your marriage. For detailed answers to your questions call a San Antonio Attorney at (210) 865-0711.

Scenario: We saved 10,000 during the marriage but only one spouse worked or financially contributed.

Result:┬áThe 10,000 is divided 50 – 50 giving each spouse $5,000

Scenario: I inherited land worth 200k during our marriage and my spouse wants half.

Result: inherited assets, such as property, cash, heirlooms, are not divided like marital property. Inheritance stays with the spouse that inherited it.

Scenario: I’ve been married 20 years & my husband is retired from the Army. Am I entitled to a portion of his retirement benefits?

Result: Yes, the spouse is entitled to half the benefits earned during the marriage.

Property division is usually one of the main concerns a couple going through divorce will have.

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