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Residency is a common concern for many people, so I would like to spend a few moments discussing the residency requirements for Texas.

To be clear, you must be a resident of Texas for six months before filing for divorce. Many people who have not met residency requirements will seek a legal separation agreement that protects both parties while waiting to meet residency.

Military Residency Requirements: We need to take a minute to really discuss this due to the fact that we have so many local military residents.

1. If you lived locally before joining the military & kept Texas your legal state of residency then you can file here anytime you want.

2. If you lived here, joined the military but changed your legal state of residency then you will have to file in your new state of residency or wait six months before filing locally.

Residency Requirements for marriages in other countries:

If you were married in another country and now live locally you must meet the same residency requirements outlined above. In other words you are subject to the six month residency requirement.

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