Issues with how much and who is paying will always become hot button topics when a couple with children end their marriage. The financial well being of the children is a major concern that we help couples deal with every single day. From who will pay for health care, to how the child support is paid & San Antonio Attorneys have the skill, knowledge and experience in local courts to help you quickly resolve your support issues.

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Issues a San Antonio Attorney can help you with:

Enforce Child Support: If your ex is not paying, we can help you enforce payments with garnishments, liens & by asking the court to find your the non custodial parent in contempt.

Modify Child Support: Has the non custodial’s income change, then we can help you modify your support order through a court order review.

Terminate Child Support: Are the children now living with the non custodial parent full time, then we can help you modify support & custody order.

The basic support guidelines based on the monthly net resources of the Child Support obligor are as follows:

1 child 20% of net resources 2 children 25% of net resources

3 children 30% of net resources 4 children 35% of net resources

5 children 40% of net resources 6+ children not less than the amount for 5 children

Child support is usually part of your child custody order which is court ordered by a family law judge, making child support required & not an option. For this reason when financial situations change you should always consult with a skilled San Antonio Attorney right away.

We represent both the custodial and non custodial parent plus able to answer all of your questions about child support.

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